Gallery 1 Of  Cancun Originals ... $ 1,000.- each

"Planets in Motion"

"Fuzzy Tail"

"Red Sunrise on Yellow II"

"Stonehenge at Night"

"Foggy Sun Over Stonehenge"

"Sunrise on Red"

"In the Wind"

"Foggy Moon Over Stonehenge II"

"Moonrise on Green"

"Little Stalks"

"Moonrise on Blue"

"Red Sunset"

"Little Orange Flower"

"Blue Christmas Tree"

"Sunrise on Green"

"Petals II"

"Space Swirls"

"Dancing Leaves"

"To Space"


"Blooming Iris in the Sun II"

"White Flower Petals"

"Floating Petals"

"Space Swirls"

"Blooming Iris in the Sun"

"Sun Over Stonehenge"

"Moonrise at Stonehenge"


"Foggy Moon Over Stonehenge"

"Moon Over Stonehenge"

"Grasses in Sunset II"

"Grasses in Sunset III"

"Red Sunrise on Yellow I"

"Little Droopy"

"Calm Sunset"

"Grasses in Sunset"