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Ernst Zündel the Artist



Ernst Zundel is setting a new trend – exhibiting pristine dissident art as a means of protest against Western cultural decay and decadence.  His story is told elsewhere – here we are focusing on his incomparable prison prints that have become collectors' items already.


Produced in small, cold prison cells on cheap scraps of paper with only the simplest of tools under harrowing circumstances, these objects are symbols of invincibility of spirit in the face of relentless assault.


3000+ original Zundel prison sketches and paintings survived.  They are tucked away in a safe place.  These  originals are not, at this time, available for sale for any love or money.


However, prints in different categories, according to where they originated, are available for purchase, for instance:


•   The Toronto Prison Sketches - 1003 - 2005  (at $30.- each)

•   The Mannheim Prison Sketches - 2005 - 2010  (at $120.- each)

•   The UFO creations (at $150.- each)

•   The Gold Collectibles - Historically meaningful since they were first used to pay for exorbitant legal costs (at $ 250.- each)


Ernst Zundel has become a global political icon already.  His prison sketches testify to his indestructible artistic and moral spirit  in the most dire circumstances imaginable.


For a full display of each categories, visit http://www.soaringeaglesgallery.c0m and scroll down




Brief Background


The Zundel life story and political career spanned an ambitious arch from writer to editor and publisher to television/radio producer and even candidate for Prime Minister of Canada – and then to political prisoner.  The journey is complex and involved, too intricate to summarize here.  His name has become legend already.


Spin back for just a moment to 1958.  As a nineteen-year-old post-WWII  German immigrant to Canada, Ernst Zundel very quickly carved out a life for himself due to his exceptional artistic talent.  While raising a young family and earning a living as one of Canada’s best graphic artists, he produced more than 700 original sketches and painting in his spare time.  Today, they are gracing the homes and offices of people of all walks of life - from priests to presidents of huge corporations, from car mechanics to surgeons as well as famous names in the film industry in Hollywood.


Fate intervened.  He was young, brave, and idealistic.  He took on a Politically Incorrect Cause and waded in where angels fear to tread– to the dismay and howls of the elites of the day.


He battled them fiercely, for decades, with mere words alone, a modern Spartan of the Spirit.  By principled conviction he was, and has remained, a life-long pacifist, refusing to ever strike back against his tormentors.


His political foes cut a different swath.  They resorted to verbal abuse, character assassination, out-and-out lies, shrieks, arson and bombs – and, in the end, handcuffs and leg irons.  The Patriot Act did away with pretense.


In 2003, Ernst Zundel was kidnapped, disparaged, maligned in the media, imprisoned for seven long years in six prisons in three so-called “democratic” countries on two continents,  where speaking Truth to Power is now a “crime” enshrined in law.


His victory?  It is still written in the stars.  For now, it is indomitable inner Will over Fate. It’s inner certainty that Ancestry is Destiny.  And the future has not yet been charted.


Today, thanks to his trials and tribulations, Ernst Zundel is arguably the best-known political dissident of Europe, a latter-day Gandhi, a modern Solzhenitsyn, living quietly in his ancestral home in the Black Forest, a sturdy and symbolic edifice that has already endured 400 years.  He is patiently watching the rest of the world sorting the wheat from the chaff.  Though sidelined temporarily,  his struggle is still far from finished.


For Lovers of Freedom of Speech with means as well as courage, this is your chance to show your loyalty to principle - to join your fellow Spartans of the Spirit, proud to be the Out-Elite in a world that is coming apart at the seams.