Brief History of Zündel
Prison  Prints











The Gold-Print Collectibles


The value of the Gold Collectible Prints lies in their history.  They were the first creations helping to generate funds for Ernst Zundel’s very expensive legal struggle.


Supporters of more-than-average means would sometimes ignore the asking price and make donations far above the listed retail value.  It was the success of these prints that earned them the designation “Gold Collectibes” - since they made possible the continuation of Ingrid’s political outreach while her husband was languishing in gaol.


Once she realized that these prison prints were a marketing tool, Ingrid started promoting them – at first by word of mouth, then via visits to Ernst’s gallery, and finally through E-Bay auctions in monthly offerings.


Only one of each creation exists as this first set of funds-generating prison prints – all beautifully professionally framed and under glass.


Truly collectible items that will hold their value for generations to come.  We have kept the price of $ 250.- steady and sell them only to known supporters of long standing and proven commitment to our Cause.  Again, watch Ernst Zundel:  A Spartan of the Spirit to appreciate the origin of this unique, creative fund-raising enterprise.