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"Self Expressions"

"Moonlit Ruins"

"Pink Wisteria"

"Farm On the Prairie"

"Puffy Willow Branch"

"Fall Aspen"

"Ancient Mysteries"

"Fall Fields"

"Majestic Still Life"

"Big Blue"

"Country Cottage"


"Mountain Serenity"


"Strength in the Storm"

"Blue Whimsy"

"Lovely Lakeshores"

"Butterfly Dreams"

"Moonlit Henge"


"Gladiolas in Red"

"Nebra Sky Disk"

"Misty Valley"

"Forest Serenity"


"Red, Red Poppies"

"Summer Breezes"

"Inspired Grasses"

"Stonehenge Spring"

"Roses in Spring"

"Deep Forest Fog"

"Visions of Poppies"

"White Daisy"

"Big Red Rose"

"Red Rose Bouquet"

"Deep Forest Fog"


"Lone Red Iris"

"Spring Crocuses"

"Pitcher Plant"

"Fall Leaves"

"Inspiration Flash 37" "