Gallery 2 Of  the Gold-Prints ... $ 250.- each

"Inspiration Flash 12" "

"Peaceful Valley"

"Phoenix Rising"

"Alpine Vistas"

"Summer Sunflowers"

"Wheat 5"

"Tranquil Valley"

"Savannah Sunset"

"Pink Lily"

"Purple Iris"

"Dragonfly on Grass"

"Orange Butterfly"

"Cherry Blossoms on Branch"

"Red Rose Bunch"

"Yellow Lily"

"Autumn Winds"

"Purple Iris II"

"Majestic Bald Eagle"

"Purple Phantasy"

"Lonely Thinker"

"Moonlight Fantasy"

"Late Summer Sun"

"Yellow Tiger Swallowtail"

"Summer Henge"

"Twilight Vista"

"Oriental Pink Blossoms"

"Tiny Carnations"

"Gilded Roses"

"Mountains in Fall's Embrace"

"Orange Butterfly"

"Tranquil Waters"

"I am Blue"

"Forest Visions"

"Pink Willows"

"Fields of Wonder"

"Peaks of Freedom"

"Night Lakeshores"

"Tearful Spring"

"Soaring Eagle"

"To Climb a Mountain"