Gallery 3 Of  the Gold-Prints ... $ 250.- each

"Poppies & Chicory Blossoms"

"Whale of a Tale"

"Festive Fantasy"

"Amber Waves of Grain"

"Tropical Seas"

"Red Poppies II"


"Single Flower Blossom II"

"Iris III"

"Summer Butterfly"

"The old Farm"

"White Paperbark Birch"

"Cardinal Berries"

"Summer Promise"

"Stonehenge II"

"Green Grassy Visions"

"Twilight Grasses"

"Winter Village"

"Inspiration Flash 9" "

"Pink Blossoms on Branch"

"Blue Chicory"

"Country Road in Winter"

"Tender Snowbelles"

"Harvest Time"

"Solitary Confinement"

"Little Ladybug"

"Wispy Willows"

"Single Flower"

"Blue Dragonfly in Grass"

"Butterfly Thistle"

"Summer Wheat in Blue I"

"Summer Sun"

"Farm in the Country"

"Roses II"

"Summer Wheat in Blue II"

"Large Snowbelle Bloom"

"Imprisoned Grasses V"

"Imagination Imprisoned"

"Yellow Willow Branch"

"Snowbelle Blossoms"