Gallery 4 Of  the Gold-Prints ... $ 250.- each

"Gentle Snowbelles"

"Gentle Whisper of Friendship"

"Imagination Imprisoned"

"Inspiration Flash 33" "

"Confined Aspirations"

"Spring Hope"

"Great Blue Butterfly"

"Willow Blossoms in Spring"

"Serpent in the Grass"

"Summer Grasses III"

"Friendly Grasses"

"Golden Hour Over the Valley"

"Blue Chicory Blooms V"

"Shoreline Hills"

"Spring Branches"

"Confined Aspirations I"

"Alphine Valley"

"Spring Grasses II"

"Spring Farmstead"

"Spring Grasses III"

"Confined Aspirations III"

"Confined Aspirations IV"

"Great Golden Eagle"

"Inspiration Flash 36" "

"Confined Aspirations V"

"Soaring Eagle"

"Yellowbelles II"

"Willow Branches II"

"Orange Butterflies II"

"Strength in the Storm II"

"Moonrise over the Valley"

"Solemn Reminders of the Past"

"The Sun"

"The Strengthening Storm"

"Stormy Seas"

"Roses in Spring III"

"First Signs of Spring"


"Tender Snowbelles III"

"Imprisoned Grasses VI"