Gallery 5 Of  the Gold-Prints ... $ 250.- each

"Roses III"

"Inspiration Flash 39" "

"Winter Farms"

"Roses IV"

"Oats II"

"Blue Chicory Bunch II"

"Tropical Seas II"

"The Strengthening Storm II"

"Yellow Pansy"

"Blue Chicory Bunch III"

"Wheat X"

"Spring Pink Carnations I"

"Sunset Blossoms"

"Spring Pink Carnations II"

"Nighttime Village II"

"Inspiration Flash 34" "

"Valley Visions"

"Solemn Watcher"

"Fall Fence"

"Inspiration Flash 38" "

"Abstract Oats I"

"Evening Peace I"

"Abstract Oats III"

"Evening Peace II"

"Abstract Oats II"

"Fall Leaves III"

"Stonehenge III"


"Stonehenge IV"

"Abstract Forest"

"Sunset Waves"

"Fire Engine"

"Spring Field"


"Stonehenge V"

"Cherry Blossoms II"

"Little Resting Butterfly"

"Little White Church"

"Little Yellow Butterfly"

"Blue Together"