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This docunentary
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at the 2014
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Prospectus below ...

  • 1.   Ernst Zundel the Artist: Brief Update



  • 2.   THE EXPATS: Synopsis

  • 3.   Screenplay Preview: The first 15  minutes of THE EXPATS

  • 4.   THE EXPATS:  Main Characters

  • 5.    THE EXPATS: Main Theme

  • 6.   THE EXPATS:  How to cut production costs

  • 7.   Soaring Eagles Library

  • 8.   Soaring Eagles Media Center

  • 9.   Soaring Eagles Guest House

  • 10.   Tentative Fundraising  Strategies

  • 11.   Soaring Eagles Studios and Gallery - Seed money

  • 12.   Thank You for your support









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Getting ready for ...

A Feature Movie dealing with Ernst's Zundel's youthful fascination
with German UFOs ...


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 presently in preproduction:


Working Title:


The Expats


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"The Expats"

Please help us launch  THE EXPATS !

An independent motion picture of political correctness gone
off the rails...


Who is an Expat?

  Anybody of European ancestry who is politically and culturally awake ...


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