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Ernst Zündel is known as an internationally recognized, high profile political dissident.  Few people know he is also an award-winning artist.  Extensive information about the political aspects of his life can be found at The Zundelsite, www.zundelsite.org  an
archival website of the Zündel outreach.


However, sponsors and patrons wanting to get an easy-to-read, broad overview of Zundel's  life, philosophy, and interests, might want to start reading the following two  publications pertaining to his thoughts and experiences in six prisons in three countries on two continents, where he was held and tormented for his political and ethnic beliefs:



                      Setting the Record Straight: 
                      Letters from Cell # 7     $12.-







and a beautifully done translation
in German of the above, titled

Briefe aus Zelle Nummer Sieben









Additional Books by or about Ernst Zündel