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Prison  Prints











The Mannheim-Print Collectibles


To get an overview of these extraordinary prints created during the subsequent five years of Ernst Zundel’s incarceration at the Mannheim Prison, you might want to preview first the autobiographical documentary called Ernst Zundel:  A Spartan of the Spirit.


In terms of artistic value, these prints are far superior to the first set of Mini-Prints because in the latter years of his incarceration, Ernst had access to  better tool of his trade.  He was allowed professional brushes, nice paper, a chair on which to sit, a surface on which to paint.  Some very lovely paintings and prints resulted.


Also, thematically, these prints show moe more variety – with certain categories being tied to poignant prison life – for instance, the story of how the “jam cover” collection was created with the help of fellow inmates, how Ernst discovered a huge wallpager catalog that allowed background patters to add to the uniqueness of his art, how even the privilege of prison art classes allowed some emotional relief.


There is something touching in these unique prints that show that inner strength and meaning can survive even behind bars.


We sell the Mannheim Collectible prints at $120.- … within range of supporters of limited means but heightened esthetic discernment.  All prints are professionally framed and under glass, ready to beautify your home.