Gallery 1 Of Mannheim-Prints ... $ 120.- each

"Lightning Strikes"

"Watercolor Waterfalls"

"Late Fall Lake Shores"

"Red Poppies of Spring"

"Fanciful Falls"

"Spring Journey"

"View from the Hill II"

"Pink Skies"

"Sky Flames I"

"Sky Flames II"

"Sky Flames III"

"Yellow Birch in Fall"

"Blue Winter Mountains"

"Sacred Flower"

"Fall Leaves II"

"Summer Irises"

"Summer's Bliss"

"Evening on the Farm"

"Red, Red Poppies"

"Red Rose V"

"Fall Breezes IV"

"Summer Irises II"

"Summer Roses II"

"Fall Breezes V"

"Fall Breezes VI"

"Summer Day at the Shore"

"Summer Roses III"

"Summer Day at the Shore III"

"Pink and White Lilies"

"Summer Day at the Shore II"

"Summer Bliss II"

"Reaching Roses"

"Summer Fields"


"View from the Hill I"

"Thank You!"




"Fall Leaves"