Gallery 2 Of Mannheim-Prints ... $ 120.- each

"Five Years Already"

"Yellow Rose"

"Red Rose I"

"Flower Bunch

"Single Flower I"

"Single Flower II"

"Single Flower III"

"Single Flower IV"

"Red Rose II"

"Little Tulip"

"World in White"


"Rose Landscape I"

"Rose on Brown"

"Hope Rises"

"Pink Pussy Willows I"

"Three Rose"

"Poppies and Wheat"

"Blue Pussy Willows"

"Pink Pussy Willows II"

"Rose Blooms"

"Rose Landscape II"


"Landscape in the Fall"

"Dark Roses"


"Washed Lanscape"



"Snowy Church"


"Reaching for Freedom"

"Snowy Mountains"

"Fragile Flowers"


"One Lone Rose"

"Tulips Reaching"

"In the Breeze I"

"In Bloom"

"Matte Roses"

"In the Breeze II"