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"One Year Later"

"Fall Sunset"

"Phantasie Orchidee"

"Celebrating Our Ancestors"

"The Silent Sentinel"

"Born Free"

"Colour Walk"

"Flower I"

"Sunrise Over the Mountain"

"Steadfast in Loyalty I"

"Soaring Eagles Gallery"

"Keeping the Flame Alive"

"Mountain Road"

"What Are You Knocking For?"

"Constitutional Amendment"

"Small Bouquet"

"Dream Castles"

"Free of Worry on a Beautiful Day"

"Breaking Chains"

"Hungry as all Youngsters"

"How Sweet it is"

"Guantanamo North"

"Sun Eagle II"

"The Eagle and the Cross"

"Quick get the Mounties"

"Sun Eagle III"

"Branches in the Sun"

"Smokey Mountains"

"Happy Easter"

"Sun Eagle I"

"Mother's Day"

"Late Summer Day"

"Standing Guard"

"The Chickens are Coming Home to Roost"

"Looking Ahead"

"Cross I"

"Smokey Mountain Memories"

"Flower II"

"Cades Cove Tennessee"

"Cross II"