Gallery 2 Of  Mini-Prints ... $ 30.- each

"Unbroken I"

"What a Way to Run a Country"

"Unbroken I"

"The New Sacred Cow"

"The Investigative Reporter Mitrovica"

"Good Friday"

"Wears Valley 2003"

"Snowy Path"

"The New Sacred Cow"

"Watching and Waiting"

"Songbird I"

"Songbird II"

"Rose Bunches"

"Songbird III"

"Snowy Landscape I"


"Cutting Costs Zundel Style"

"Flowering Branch"


"Snowy Landscape II"

"Pillars of Strength"

"Soon Spring Will be Here"

"Broken Fence"

"Happy Snowman"

"Christmas Bells"

"White Lily"

"Smokey Mountain Mists"

"Flower III"

"What is Justice? What is Law?"

"Flower IV"

"Rose Bunches II"


"Patient Snowbelles"


"Flower V"

"Peace on Earth"

"Time is Running out Truth is Catching up"

"Sign of the Times"


"My Little Goat Heidi"