Gallery 3 Of  Mini-Prints ... $ 30.- each

"Steadfast in Loyalty"

"Roses in Bloom"


"The End is at Hand"

"Reaching Out"

"Toward the Sun"

"Keeping an Eye on Things"

"Three Snowbelles"

"Winding Road Through the Mountains"

"Strength in Numbers"

"He is Gone"

"Unfettering the American Eagle"

"The Bloody Dream of the New World"

"On Patrol"

"Breaking Your Shackles"


"Good Friday"

"Celebrating our Ancestors and heritage"

"Shed a Tear for America"

"Mother's Day II"

"My Special Resident"

"Summers Day in the Field"

"Dear Ingrid"

"Take a Stand, Write a Letter"

"A Proud Fellow"

"A Tear for Us"

"Cades Cove Mill"

"The Gray Jay"

"Cross on the Mountain I"

"Mill at Cades Cove, Tennessee"

"Brushes and Pencil"

"Cades Cove I"


"Legal Bills"

"The Evidence"

"The Old Mill I"


"Guarding the Idle Brush"

"Cades Cove II"

"The Old Mill II"