Gallery 4 Of  Mini-Prints ... $ 30.- each


"Broken Shackles"


"Smash the Shackles"

"Soaring Eagles"

"Escape to Freedom"

"Early Breakup"

"Beacon of Light in a Dark World"


"St. Valentine's Day"

"Flower Bunches I"

"The New Reality"

"Cross on the Mountain II"


"Flower Bunches II"

"Single Rose"

"Maximum Security"

"Snowy Church"

"Rajah Dog"

"Spreading the Seeds of Freedom"

"Ready to Bloom"

"Little Cades Cove Barn"

"Meet the Threatening Revisionist"

"Soaring Eagles Gallery II"

"Greetings from Prison V"


"Remember When the Time Comes"

"The Old Homestead"

"Lurking Dangers"



"Abrams Falls"

"Thanks for Being There"


"Cades Cove Barn"

"The Sorghum Mill"

"Cades Cove Park"

"Old Smoky Mountain Barn"

"The Tipton House"

"Bird on a Fence"

"John E Davis House"