Brief History of Zündel
Prison  Prints













The UFO-Print Collectibles


Strictly speaking, the UFO-Collectibles were not created in a physical prison setting and came about only after it became clear that Ernst Zundel, while no longer in physical chains, was not allowed to be a free man.  He was, and is, a de facto political hostage in Germany.


After having been holed up for seven long years in six prisons in three countries on two continents, Ernst Zundel was released but still forbidden from being allowed to return to his wife in Tennessee.   It is doubtful he will ever set foot in the USA again, even though he was illegally arrested and extradicted to please his political tormentors.


It became necessary to carry on his battle for Freedom of Speech by other means from Ernst’s “diaspora”  within the very country of his birth.  Ingrid had written an epic screen play titled The EXPATS, and in order to lighten an otherwise serious topic, one of the sub-plots depicted mysterious UFOs of post-WWII vintage.


Over the telephone, she and her husband created a number of unique UFO prints by superimposing them on Ernst’s early creations of a fantastic UFO that serves as a moniker to alert additional markets.


The background of these prints are either royalty-free internet space photos obtained through US-space explorations, or original paintings created before and after Ernst’s imprisonment.


There is a magical quality to these UFO print collectibles that will satisfy the most discriminating art lover and justify the retail price of $ 150.  All prints are professionally framed and under glass.