Websites of Note



We strongly believe in Freedom of Speech in all of its forms. 

As a courtesy to  activists loosely labeled as "Patriots," Nationalists," "Bloggers"  or "Cyber Activists" engaged in the political struggle
and posting under the umbrella of "Alt Right". we are happy to alert visitors to websites that might be meaningful to them. 

We encourage our visitors to peruse related cyber activity.


However, we have no control over nor do we endorse or promote these websites - we are not responsible for what they post
or which issues they promote.


•   Counter-Currents

•   Vdare

•   Veterans Today

•   The Jeff Rense Page


•   Justice for Germans

•   Red Ice Radio

   •   Renegade Tribune
•   American Renaissance

•   Renegade Radio

•   The Realist Report

 •   The American Free Press

•   The Barnes Review

•   The Truth Seeker