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The Mini-Print Collectibles -


To get an overview of these extraordinary prints created during the first two years of Ernst Zundel’s incarceration at the Toronto West Detention Centre, you might want to preview first the autobiographical documentary called Ernst Zundel:  A Spartan of the Spirit.


Here he describes how he was deprived of even the rudimentary tools of his trade as an artist:  No paint, no paper, n pens, only two-inch pencil stubs or children’s crayons, no surface on which to sketch or paint, no chair to sit on, an ice-cold cell, repeated verbal and even physical abuse by callous prison guards.


In terms of historical value, these little primitive sketches are probably the most valuable of all the thousands of sketches and painting Ernst Zundel created and smuggled out of his cell.


In order to hold down the retail price, these early sketches come only in commercial frames under glass.  We price them on purpose at only $30.- each to make them available as mementos to supporters of limited means to give them a chance to receive something tangible they can keep as proof of their participation in the gigantic struggle for Truth in History.